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What “Wall Street” and the U.S. has become — an imperial-colonial power over the world’s economics and the laws that protect it — is a direct legacy of the fraud and violence committed against Native nations.
Perhaps those who now claim to OCCUPY WALL STREET in the name of reforming America could remember their history and call it something else (see Racialicious’ post on the importance of language in opposition). Wall Street is, after all, already an occupied territory. As are all of U.S. land holdings in northern America, the Pacific, and the Caribbean.

Decolonize the opposition!

THANK YOU OMIGOD someone said what I didn’t have words to say. Replacing one occupation with another is NOT liberation!!!

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    While I wholly support this, for something to be truly progressive, it should not, in my opinion, simply perpetuate...
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    Is anyone in favor of developing some sort of satire to perform on Columbus Day at local ‘occupied’ cities?
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    I don’t understand what the goal would be… to declare it a Native American territory only, or something? I don’t get it.
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    I think this is overthinking it and going too far back into history to offer any constructive information.
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    Yes yes yes this this this. I also now know what sort of signage to bring.